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Unwind at an indulgent spa. Set challenging targets with a tailor-made fitness plan. Or let our talented chefs treat you to our flavorful international menus created using the finest, carefully selected foods sourced locally from organic farms.

Delightful de-stress to rejuvenate the body

Whether you enjoy the endorphin-rush of a full-on exercise session, or the chilled-out calm of a relaxed spa experience, it’s all here for you.

Our clubs have highly-trained staff who will take their time to find out exactly what your personal goals are…and help you set a challenging, but achievable, timeline for hitting them in our state-of-the-art open-air fitness centers.

Or take a more spiritual path and elevate your mind, body and soul and indulge in a personalized treatment in one of our beautiful, tranquil full spas. We have whatever it takes to rejuvenate the body, renew the mind and refresh the spirit.

Nutrition is always on the menu

Feeling great on the outside starts with what you put on the inside – which is why our dining experiences go beyond gourmet excellence.

Our chefs use only the finest quality ingredients – sourced locally, organically and sustainably – to create speciality dishes influenced by local cuisine which are as tasty as they are healthy.

And, of course, enjoying fabulous food in a fabulous setting is an integral part of the Discovery day; whether in a club restaurant or a resident’s kitchen, engage in another wonderful opportunity to create unforgettable family memories.

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