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Our private residential communities deliver modern luxury living in the most spectacular settings. With more than thirty years’ experience in land development and real estate and relationships with strong venture partners, Discovery always delivers an unparalleled experience.

An unmatched reputation for excellence

Discovery's highly experienced, dedicated management team has developed and operated more than 35 luxury communities worldwide spanning almost three decades. Our fully integrated business model allows us to create a shared vision across our properties, resulting in cost efficiencies, early project revenues, and effective management of peak capital investment.

By partnering with strong institutional investors, Discovery not only provides buyers with the confidence that all projects will be completed as promised, but also leans into its powerful member database to propel initial sales. With a deep commitment to sustainable development practices, we seek to meet the highest standards of luxury living while minimizing our environmental footprint, ensuring that each development preserves its natural surroundings for generations to come. This powerful combination of global opportunities and a measured and responsible approach serves as a foundation for unlimited future growth.


Discovery creates one-of-a-kind environments that provide individuals and families the freedom, security, and resources to learn, grow, and play in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Through these environments, we foster relationships, share unforgettable and life-changing experiences.

Our Vision

Creating viable and fun worlds for future generations.

We use our talent, passion, and resources to meaningfully integrate with different cultures and communities to create a viable and fun world for future generations, operating from unwavering values, learning, growing, and adjusting as we go.

Our Values

People are our priority

Our goal is to impact the people and communities we are connected to positively. While developing communities and selling real estate helps us accomplish this goal, we prioritize building relationships, creating opportunities, and sharing enriching experiences with our teammates, partners, members, and local communities.


We respect people, places and culture

We learn from everyone we meet and every place we go. We are humble stewards of the land and seek to be valuable members of society. We celebrate authenticity, embrace diversity, and seek understanding as we create great environments and positively impact lives.


We do the right thing

We lean into challenges and embrace them as opportunities to grow. We strive to be open and honest in everything we do. We work in good faith to always find solutions and do what is best for our teammates, members, and the broader community.


We believe in having fun

Life is a series of moments and memories worth filling with as much love, joy, and wonder as possible. We consider creativity, adventure, and play essential to our well-being. We also believe that time is our most precious commodity, and sharing it with others is our greatest gift, as there is no substitute for human interaction.

A leadership team with vision

Mike Meldman

Mike Meldman

Mike Meldman founded Discovery Land Company out of an enduring love of family and a deep personal desire to create intimate communities where families can forge lasting bonds, create intergenerational memories, and enrich their lives in exquisite and untouched sanctuaries. That dream has evolved into one of the most renowned and successful private resort community development companies in the world.

Mike Meldman

Brett White

Brett White joined Discovery as CEO in January of 2022. He leads all business and development operations as well as strategy for global expansion, new clubs, and current club oversight. Prior to Discovery, Brett served as CEO and Executive Chairman of Cushman & Wakefield and CEO/President of CBRE. Brett identifies the passion of Discovery’s staff and members and the close connections formed at the properties as some of the most successful characteristics of the company.

Mike Meldman

Joey Arenson

Joey Arenson, President, oversees the start-to-finish development process at each Discovery community. Throughout his 22 years of leadership at Discovery, Joey’s imagination and keen eye for potential have informed every step, from identifying the perfect landscapes for future clubs to creating exciting outdoor adventures for members long after the development is complete. As President, Joey is integral in propelling global brand expansion by developing innovative strategies that center members, their families, and their overall Discovery experience.

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