North Shore Preserve

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Kaua'i, Hawaii

North Shore Preserve is a Pacific paradise spanning 1,000 verdant Kauaian acres, blending authentic and elevated amenities seamlessly into the mystical land to allow you to rejuvenate among secret swimming holes, dramatic waterfalls, and tranquil pastoral meadows.

Revive your spirit in an enchanting tropical Eden

Blissfully low-key, spectacularly secluded, at North Shore Preserve you will fully embrace island life. Here, every day is a magical mystery tour of the natural world. The slow island pace and landscape provide various options to fill your days, allowing you to be comfortable in your skin. The setting is spectacular; the amenities unforced – natural, comfortable, and neighborly. Residential offerings are understated yet instinctively sophisticated, paying homage to the harmony between the built and natural environment. Chart your path – there’s something new to discover at every turn.

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